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Adult Activities

Here at Barbary Beach House we know games aren’t just for kids. Check out our fun games and activities curated for the grownups! All of our activities are included at no extra charge for our guests. For questions or reservations, please contact Amy at [email protected] 

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Sip & Tales

Join us under the Shanty Tiki every Thursday night for island tales and ghost stories. Hear the true and dark history of of Key West in this two hour live performance. Learn the dark, twisted and sometimes unbelievable tales of Key West. Ghosts, revenge, murder and all the stuff no one tells you during the day! Guests must be seated under the tiki by 8:15pm. Cash bar with refreshments and specialty cocktails will be available. Guests 16 years or older please.  

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Rum Tasting

Is there a better way to celebrate Happy Hour than with a proper rum tasting? Join us every Tuesday at 5pm at Shipwreckers Bar to taste the finest local and imported rum!

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Sailor’s Valentines

Join us in the lobby each Wednesday at 11am as we attempt to make our very own Sailors Valentines! These were created by sailors gone away at sea for their loved ones, by using all the different shells they would find on all the different islands they would port in. Couples activity.

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Trivia Night

Trivia night with a twist! Join us under the Shanty Tiki every Wednesday at 8pm for 5 rounds of trivia. First, second and fourth place prizes include a dinner for two, breakfast on us, and much more!

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Shut The Box

What did sailor’s do on their downtime other than make Sailor’s Valentines? They played Shut the Box! Our shut the box game is available at Shipwrecker’s Bar and Drifter’s Cove Restaurant.

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