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Sip & Tales

We invite you, our creepy and history-loving guests, to enjoy our must-see two-hour show! Gather under the stars in our open-air haunted Shanty Tiki every Thursday for a night you will never forget!

This live performance is hosted by our very own Historian and Storyteller Amy Andrade. Sit back and enjoy a specialty cocktail as she takes you on a walk through the dark side of Key West.

In this show, you’ll find out why Key West is considered the 5th most haunted city in the United States. You’ll learn about local superstitions and lore, and be introduced to Robert the Doll (The World’s 2nd most haunted doll!)

Finally, you’ll be left speechless when you hear the tale of Key West’s very own “Dr. Frankenstein”, a true story of love and the lengths one man went for it.

This show is at no extra cost to guests of Barbary Beach House and Havana Cabana. Service for a limited menu of snacks and specialty cocktails is provided throughout the show for an additional cost.

This show is for guests 16 and older. Seating is limited so please be sure to be seated by 8:15 pm.



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